Hi, my name is June, and I’m a fullstack web developer with a penchant for ecommerce technology.

Cenny will document my journey on the way to building and successfully running an online store. Running an online store itself needs the right technology, or in the jargon “tech stack”. Then you need tools to streamline your operational procedures and tools to do marketing. Down the road, you also want tools for education and analysis, maybe also for news and community management.

Of course, I could build my own store, but there are many ecommerce platforms and solutions. I will scrutinise them along with their benefits and drawbacks. Some will have a set of addons (also known as plugins) to extend the functionalities so that they can be customised to the needs of the merchant. Other tools and services are offered by specialised ecommerce tech companies. But somehow these providers don’t show their prices and aren’t upfront about their limitations.

I will also report the marketing process, things like why you need an email list, what is needed to build it, how to accept and process payments, or how to set up standard operating processes. It will be about the experiments along the way.

Things I like:

  • I’m addicted to Japanese green tea
  • Spending time with friends
  • Building systems
  • Working out

Pet peeves:

  • Catastrophe movies
  • Hotels or cafes that still charge for Wifi
  • Second hand smoke

And the biggest pet peeve is seeing people who are locked into their service providers with set processes that are not optimised or customised for their needs. This creates friction and later can even hamper success.

I hope Cenny will inspire you to start your own journey of building a business. Cenny is about actionable advise for entrepreneurs and here to help provide insights, motivation and support to you.

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